Hope: The Sun Will Yet Rise Again
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Barely three years after I bought the Dell notebook, its internal battery packed up. Getting a replacement was more challenging than getting water in a desert. My solution: Convert the svelte laptop to its PC mode — I purchased a portable uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Six years later, the sleek device is now permanently “table-ridden” in the embrace of its inexorable obsolescence.

Searching for a permanent solution to the flip side of my halfway solution, I finally got a second-hand HP notebook. At the computer shop, I was patiently waiting for the technician to upgrade the RAM to double capacity…

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Every one lives by selling one thing or the other. Either you are selling or being sold to. Those who are further on in life’s game of survival have among other skills, mastered the art of selling, early in their journeys.

Even though this book has been around for almost two decades, I only recently journeyed through its pages. Whether you are an expert or a latecomer, within its pages are invaluable insights to reinject life into how you market and sell, be it selling your old rustic self, marketing, and selling your skills or both.

The author aptly described…

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It was late Sunday night. Both of us have been busy from late the previous night. The early hours of the new day of a new week were rapidly counting up. The FM radio station on the phone was on. I joined her to listen to a lively ministration from a Christian pastor. After the pastor’s message, without a break, a recorded speech from a female speaker came on.

Neither her name nor the title of the speech were introduced, but we were all ears as her clear and articulate voice relentlessly broke through the stillness of the night. Who…

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As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things. (2 Corinthians 6:10)

~ Apostle Paul

Merriam Webster dictionary on my phone defined abundance as, an ample quantity of, relative degree of plentifulness, profusion, and wealth. From the same source, mentality is defined as; mode or way of thought, mental power or capacity.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey described abundance mentality as the character of a person enthused with “the paradigm that there is plenty out there for everybody.”

A person with an abundance mental…

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Yes, I know it. You’ve already had more than your fair share of those seemingly unending tips and hacks for keeping your head above the waters in these turbulent times.

Right from our mothers’ wombs to our infant days and all through our early teens, we were all dependent on our parents and other loved loved ones for our existence.

Today, many young adults are still tied to their parents umbilical chords. Severing these chords of dependency early in life are vital towards healthy growth and self reliance.

How do you pull this off?

1. Get out of the mire of learned self helplessness.

People who have experienced stressful conditions…

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Last year, the social media ran the infamous daring of a young man who played a fast move on a border police officer. He was attempting to enter the United Kingdom illegally by claiming to be an underage man seeking for asylum from a repressive government back in his home country.

Back at home, it was glaring to his watching fellow Nigerians that this young man was preying on the empathy of the UK Immigrations police officer. (This is not an incident I am not proud of as there is no justification whatever for telling lies to those who are…

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Selling is the most basic of all human activities. Whether you know it, everyone lives by selling one thing or the other. And the earlier you know it and start tooling up on your selling skills kit, the more likely your chances of thriving in this arena we call life.

As it’s often said, it doesn’t matter what you know, but equally important is, who you know. What you know and who you know can only carry you thus far. What you have to sell and how you sell it is what will keep you far ahead of the pack…

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Sometimes you have no other option than to tell people just what they wanted to hear. This does not mean that you are a liar — deliberate or otherwise. Case in point is when you are job hunting. You quickly learn that experienced recruiters have knacks for seeing through the lies of prospective employees.

Experience has shown that, often, recruiters and interviewers want to hear from their prospects, stories that fit in with their perceptions even if those stories are doctored-truths, half truths or outright exaggerations. Woe awaits the naïve interviewee who believe that truthfulness alone will grant him a…

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Back in my college days, a classmate used to spur us on with his audacious unconscious display of boldness. Often, he will mount the rostrum prior to our lecturers' arrival and prep us with motivational talks which he often concluded with Christians gospel messages.

I still remember one of his many epigrams, “By the road of I will do it bye and bye, a man gets to the town of nowhere.” Author Jeff Shore’s Be Bold and Win The Sale reminds me of some of the timeless lessons on boldness gleaned from my friend over thirty years ago.

Boldness is…

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A little at a time.

You’re cutting this heart to pieces,

A little bleeding piece, here, today.

Tomorrow, another deeper bruise,

Ever such a minor cut, time after time,

Again and again and again.

Not to worry, just keep on at it.

Tomorrow finally came,

At long last you awake

Too late you discover that,

This heart is no more.

This heart that was all yours.

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