10 practical steps to keep your momentum in an over distracted age.

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Inertia is the tendency of an object to remain in a state of rest unless compelled by external forces that set it in motion. Once in motion, an object tends to keep moving in a straight line in the direction of the force applied to it unless compelled by other external forces acting to stop its motion. This is called momentum. These concepts learnt from early Physics lessons were as explained by Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.

Any object, once in motion must have enough reserve energy…

7 lifelong lessons that my toddler taught me.

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“Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.”

~ The Holy Bible

The family devotion time has just ended on that Monday morning. Shortly afterwards, my beloved three years old godson walked in with his mum. Ever inquisitive, he has on several instances floored me with his barrage of unending questions. Repeatedly, I will be left wondering, "Where did this young man got the idea for this query that got me flunked?" He will continue rummaging the house or livening the compound with his chants and restless antics.

Lessons on surviving and thriving in hostile environments

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There are two main seasons in my country. None of these two, rainy season (of plenitude) or dry season (of scarcity) matters much to this hardy breed.

I’ve crossed its path on several previous encounters. Back then, all I had to do was a short dash up the flight of stairs by the side of my office building, look down and there it was. Its foliage were either still or waving with the flow of the breeze. Each time, it was as if the stationary sentinel was whispering another “Hello there” my way.

One afternoon, I was upstairs again. As…

If you don’t know your true friends, you may be deserving of your “frenemies”

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It was two days before Christmas and the day has already ran late into the night. Willy has been engrossed mending an old big map. It was one of those fold-in maps from an old edition of the National Geographic magazine. An average adult can make a decent T-shirt from cloth size measures of two of these maps. Come any day, several old copies of the magazine are scattered all over the house.

Frequent folding and unfolding has resulted in some slashes along its edges, but the map was still in good shape. That night, Willy insisted on mending the…

It doesn’t matter whether your cup is half empty or half full, gratitude will always take you much further.

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Yes, I know it. You’ve already had more than your fair share of those seemingly unending tips and hacks for keeping your head above the waters in these turbulent times.

Right from our mothers’ wombs to our infant days and all through our early teens, we were all dependent on our parents and other loved loved ones for our existence.

Today, many young adults are still tied to their parents umbilical chords. Severing these chords of dependency early in life are vital towards healthy growth and self reliance.

How do you pull this off?

1. Get out of the mire of learned self helplessness.

People who have experienced stressful conditions…

With courage to hold your ground or back-off, may serendipity smile on you.

Serendipity: The chopper was zapping through the silvery clouds with its shadow surrounded by a constantly fleeting iridescent rainbow glow. I captured this from the cabin with a Minolta X-700. Print was on matt paper. Picture by Author, around 1992

And so I was at the bank the other day. With my face-mask on and having observed all other COVID-19 safety protocols, I was duly on the queue, patiently waiting my turn. The staff were attending to their teaming customers quickly enough. With a little of patience, it will soon get to my turn.

My e-book app was on hand to help kill time. With my eyes momentarily off from the glowing screen, I sighted another customer sitting in front of the service desk. Emblazoned in black over a flaming bright yellow denim jacket were these captivating but to me…

5 tips on Reading between the lines and focusing on finer details.

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Often excluded from the main body of some vital documents, the “fine print” refers to important information that is placed in footnotes or supplemental documents.

This fine print often contains important information that the issuer does not want to call to the recipient’s attention but that is essential for the recipient to know. You must pay attention to the fine print in contractually binding agreements. Also, reading and understanding the implications of the fine print can prove invaluable and lifesaving in some situations.

History is replete with instances where just a few sentences or even words have had far-reaching consequences…

Because, sooner than later, the future arrives with fruits of our past choices.

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Sooner than later, the future arrives with all the choices we are making or refusing to make now.

I cannot remember exactly how I came by the message below in 2010. Either, it was shared in our church or I picked it up from the church premises. Unfortunately, the copy I had to recopy as a Word document. Unfortunately, I again misplaced (“mis-filed” is more proper), the e-copy. I searched and searched the house for the original copy. Sorry for me, it has disappeared into thin air. I repeatedly searched the web for this article, but all to no avail.

For the joy you bring and the love you share

The two of us , Photo by Autor

Aunty Vicky just called. Her husband has been down with malaria and typhoid. Malaria and typhoid combination is a very potent force. It can turn the life of any giant into a vegetable anytime. I advised her to get him to 24/7 Clinic where we returned from not too long ago.

At around 5 O’clock in the morning, highly anticipatory of her return, I called Mummy. She couldn’t answer me immediately. On my second attempt, she picked the call. She has been awake since around 2 O’clock in the night. She was then beginning her preparation for the trip to…

Our home in lively expectation

Mummy with WillyK, Photo by Author

The following day, the third day of the year, was Mercy’s birthday. In the morning, we had our daily family quiet time. This morning, we read from the Holy Bible book of prophet Isaiah. The point of emphasis was our on our obedience to God. Walking in obedience to God and living by faith in Him give us assurance that our prayers will receive answers. Also, we will then be able to influence our community positively.

Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; Learn to do well…

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